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The Houston County Republican Party is working for all Georgia citizens by promoting family values, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and a strong national defense. Thousands of Republican elected leaders are working hard every day to put Republican ideas into action to benefit all Georgia citizens.

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Case reopened. ...

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Georgia voter guides are here. We need your help going door-to-door with them.

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We have more Trump yard signs! Come get yours before they're gone! We have bumper stickers too! ...

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Tomorrow, a federal judge will hear a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against Governor Nathan Deal and myself asking that judge to ignore Georgia law and extend the voter registration deadline for the entire state. The ACLU's claims of Georgians being prevented from registering to vote in time for November are far-fetched and unsubstantiated. This is a nakedly political stunt to manipulate the system and squander state and county resources days before the election. In a desperate, last-minute attempt at relevance, the ACLU is spoon-feeding the liberal media exactly what it wants, forcing their agenda on the American people. Stand with me in opposition to the left's blatant attempts to disrupt Georgia's elections!

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