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The Houston County Republican Party is working for all Georgia citizens by promoting family values, limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and a strong national defense. Thousands of Republican elected leaders are working hard every day to put Republican ideas into action to benefit all Georgia citizens.

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Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board! Chairman William Vaught, 1st Vice Chair Donna Sant, 2nd Vice Chair Bethany Henderson Ballard, Vice Chair Aaron Hufstetler, Vice Chair Linda Clements (not pictured), Secretary Nancy Newell, and Treasurer Gloria A. Alday. ...

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I got a little... let's call it passionate... on the House Floor on Wednesday night. But I had a good reason! Generic drug prices are skyrocketing, affecting families and patients who are forced to choose between medicine and their health or paying their mortgage and making ends meet. These astronomical prices put vulnerable patients in a difficult situation at a time where they least need to be thinking of dollars and cents. I don’t think this is a decision Americans should have to make. I mentioned my heart wrenching discussion with a mother from Warner Robins whose daughter has juvenile diabetes. She has to have insulin or she dies. This drug can be found in other countries for just a fraction of what they have to pay for it here in America, and they are struggling with the cost of the drug. In my speech, I also talked about a parent who I met with last week. His son is named Gabe, and Gabe suffers from Duchenne muscular Dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder that requires a drug called Deflazacort to stay alive. Gabe is now 11 years old and has been taking Deflazacort since he was 5. Gabe’s family currently pays roughly $418.83 per year for Deflazacort from Europe, as it has not been available in the United States. However, recently, Marathon Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to Deflazacort. Note I say bought the rights, because they spent almost nothing on research, development or trials. Then, they to bring the drug to market under the name Emflaza priced at $89,000 a year. 89 THOUSAND for the same drug Gabe's family was having to get from another country for under $419 a year. This is the drug an 11 year old boy is taking to live. The American system should be set up in such a way as to drive costs down and increase availability of life-saving drugs, not the other way around. This Congress, I call on my colleagues to work with me to ease the regulatory burden the FDA places on generic drug applicants in order to increase competition in this market, which currently has little to no competitors to drive down costs. We must also alleviate the FDA’s backlog on generic drug applications to bring more drugs to market. In the coming months, I look forward to finding a conservative, free market solution to address the problematic rise in generic drug prices for American families.

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Here's a behind the scenes look from where President Donald J. Trump will walk to give his Joint Address to Congress tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m.

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