Precinct Chairpersons and Secretaries are elected at the Precinct Mass Meeting by delegates in their precinct. Both of these positions require that the person is a registered voter in the precinct, as well as, an active and dues paying member of the Houston County Republican Party.  Precinct Chairpersons also make up the larger County Committee.  The Precinct Chair, along with volunteers from his or her precinct, is responsible for maximizing the Republican vote in the precinct.

Responsibilities include:

  • Getting people in your precinct involved
  • Identifying voters
  • Registering voters
  • Informing voters
  • Turning out voters at election time
  • Distributing yard signs to voters
  • Putting out yard signs at polling places

Current Precinct Chairs are as follows:

Roland Berry (MCMS)

Elaine Pritchard (ANNX)

Eric Davis (RECR)

Eva Folse (HHCP)

Shane Gottwals (NSES)

Aaron Hufstetler (HCTC)

Fran Brown (BMS)

William Klein (TWPK)

Sandra Provens (TMS)

Carol Hodge (FMMS)

Mike Ross (VHS)

Philip Strait (CENT)

Todd Kinnebrew (HEFS)

Linda Clements (CGTC)

Ryan English (ROZR)

HAFS – vacant

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