The Republican conventions are held in non-Presidential election years in order to elect local, district, and state GOP officers and committee members.  In Presidential election years the purpose of the conventions is to choose delegates and alternates to the National Convention.  Anyone registered to vote in the precinct, district, and state in which the convention is to be held and who uphold the principles of the Republican Party can become a delegate.  The time commitment is minimal – usually one Saturday morning per month, except for the National Convention, which is several days.

The convention cycle starts with the Precinct Mass Meeting in February.  The purpose is to elect a chairperson and secretary for each voting precinct and delegates to the County Convention  The County Convention is held in March and the primary objective is to elect delegates and alternates who will vote on Officers for a two-year term in the county Republican party and vote on delegates and alternates who will move on to subsequent conventions.  The District and State Conventions are held in April and June respectively and the purpose is similar to that of the County Convention but delegates will elect District and State Officers, as well as vote on resolutions and rules changes.  If it is a Presidential election year delegates will vote on those who will advance to the National Convention.  In non-Presidential election  years the convention cycle ends with the State Convention.

Becoming a delegate is an easy process and one that has great benefit to both you and the Republican Party.  It is a great way to meet leadership at all different levels.  Additionally, it is intriguing to see the political machine at work and to know that you are part of it.  It also gives you a voice at the table, so to speak. It is a fun and memorable experience to say the least and the knowledge gained from participating in the delegate process is extraordinary!

Engage – Participate – Achieve




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