Become a Republican Delegate in 2020 !!


UPDATE:  Due to Covid-19 and the current shelter-in-place order we will not hold in-person District or State Conventions.  Delegates, please check your email regularly for updates on how conventions will be conducted.

The 2020 Convention Cycle kicks off in February with the Precinct Caucuses. Attendees will need to register either via a pre-registration form or at the door.  You will sit at tables according to your voting precinct.  Each precinct table will conduct its own “elections” to elect a Precinct Chairperson and Precinct Secretary (odd-numbered years only), and delegates to the County Convention the following month.  In March, delegates to the County Convention may pre-register ahead of time or register at the door.  County convention delegates will elect delegates and alternates to the 8th District Republican Convention and Georgia Republican State Convention, as well as vote on any rules changes and resolutions.  Delegates to the District and State Conventions will elect delegates to the National Convention.   The Republican National Convention takes place every four years.  Here, delegates will vote on the Republican nominee for President.  This is a very competitive process, therefore anyone who wishes to attend this convention needs to have a resume that reflects his or her activism or leadership roles in the Republican party.



April 18, 2020  District Convention – Tift County

May 29-30, 2020  State Convention – Cobb County

August 24 – 27, 2020 Republican National Convention – Charlotte, North Carolina


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