Welcome to the new and improved website of the Houston County Republican Party. Houston County is one of the larger counties located in the 8th Congressional District of Georgia. We have a great group of members, old and new! Some of our core members were activists whose time goes back to before Republicans were a “thing” in Georgia. They stuck it out and helped to make HCGOP the group it is now! Through its ups and downs, the Houston County Republican Party has remained strong…..just like our country. America has remained strong! We all know that we are seeing history repeat itself, and those of us who actually know history realize that we are doomed if we repeat it. That’s why it is imperative that those who believe in the core principles of the Republican party and in the Constitution of the United States get involved.

Join us! Everyone has talents and skills that they can use in their volunteerism. If we are going to defeat radical liberalism going into 2020, we need all hands-on-deck right now! So bring it…bring your talents and your enthusiasm and we will find a spot for you! Thanks for stopping by!

Donna Sant
Chairwoman, Houston County Republican Party

Freedom. Prosperity. Republican! Join the Houston County GOP in all the ways we go out and protect our conservative values.

Help the party reach the voters and citizens of Houston County by spreading our message.
Make a contribution to the party so that we can continue to grow and flourish.
Learn about the elected officers and precinct leaders for the Houston County GOP.
Find where to get involved with Republican campaigns and other organizations.
Attend one of our regular meetings where we set the agenda for Houston County Republicans.
Let us know your thoughts and how we can help. We love hearing from Houston County!

Aug 24

RNC National Convention

August 24 - August 27
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