Boots on the Ground

During the various election seasons it takes a lot of commitment to support our candidates.  There is something for everyone!  Come help us spread the Republican message!

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President Trump

We were blessed to have enjoyed a booming economy, 7 million new jobs, increased family income, low unemployment across all socioeconomic classes, record stock market numbers, largest tax reforms in history, increased property values, support for farmers & agriculture, energy independence, women's empowerment in the workforce, rapid response to Covid pandemic, innovative technology and pharmaceuticals, expanded healthcare choices, three conservative SCOTUS justices, and a strengthened border. 

Read full list of Trump administration accomplishments below.

Election Activities

We have hosted many great events here in Middle Georgia including many famous political stars! We have a lot of fun supporting our Republican candidates in many ways!

Senator Perdue

Senator Perdue always made it a point to visit his hometown while campaigning. We loved having him here!

Senator Loeffler

Senator Loeffler visited Middle Georgia many times during her re-election campaign.

Bonnie Perdue

We hosted the lovely wife of Senator Perdue at our Victory Campaign HQ.

Sign Waving

Great fun waving signs for our candidates!

Young Republicans

Young Republicans from near and far flew into Georgia to knock on doors

Save America Tour

Kimberly Klacik, Tommy Tuberville, & Madison Cawthorn, just to name a few, traveled from afar in support of Senators Perdue and Loeffler!