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We welcome all who are committed to promoting the principles of the Republican Party! There is something for everyone!

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Upcoming Events 

Campaign events will be posted here upon candidate's request as a courtesy and does not constitute an endorsement by this organization.


Important Dates

Check here for information on our monthly meetings and special events.




Precinct Caucus Meetings

9:00 am

Centerville Community Church
401 Wilson Drive
Centerville GA




County Convention

9:00 am

Centerville City Hall
300 E. Church Street
Centerville, GA





9:00 am

Coffee County
Middle School
Douglas, GA




Monthly Membership Meeting
6:30 pm

Houston Lake Country Club




State Convention

Columbus, GA

Becoming a Delegate

Our Convention Cycle runs every odd-numbered year and every Presidential election year, so essentially three years on and one year off. The Precinct Caucus is the starting point for our convention cycle. This mass meeting involves members of the community coming together according to their registered voting precinct to choose a Precinct Chairman for a 2-year term and to elect delegates to the County Convention. Delegates chosen at the Precinct Caucus will move on to the second step in the convention process which is the County Convention. At this convention, delegates will choose new County Officers in odd-numbered years and delegates to the 8th District Convention. Delegates to the 8th District Convention will choose District Officers in odd-numbered years and delegates to the State Convention. In non-Presidential elections years the convention cycle ends with the State Convention. In Presidential election years the convention cycle continues to the National Convention where delegates cast their ballots for President. Though becoming a delegate is fairly easy it is an important responsibility. The time commitment is minimal but if you are nominated to be a delegate to any or all of the conventions it is imperative that you attend and participate. 

Why should you become a Delegate?

There are several reasons why you should become a delegate. First, attending a convention is a great way to meet leadership at all different levels in the political arena. Secondly, it is intriguing to see the political machine at work and to know that you are part of it. It gives you a voice at the table. Lastly, it is a memorable and fun experience! You will meet new friends! The knowledge gained from participating in the delegate process is extraordinary!


 We just wrapped up our 2023 convention cycle. We elected Officers at the County, District, and State levels. Next year is the 2024 Presidential election year and we always need delegates!

Become a delegate!   Great experience and lots of fun!

Meet new friends!  Meet our elected officials!  Support your country on the local, district, and state level!

Setting up for the Precinct Caucus

Our dedicated volunteers

Our awesome Registration Team!

Our Delegates to the 2023 Conventions

State Convention  2023

State Convention


State Convention 2023
Huge turnout to see President Trump!

Georgia National Fair
October 5-15, 2023

Another successful
Fish Fry in the books!

8th District Fish Fry
August 26, 2023

Our 8th Congressional District Fish Fry is held in August each year

This annual event has become one of the largest in the state and is attended by folks from all over Georgia! It is a great opportunity to hear from our elected officials from the local level on up to U.S. Congress!